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Local Home from Hospital Care in Wakefield 

Coming home from hospital can be a daunting experience, particularly if you need recuperation support in your home. The level of support you need can vary depending on the treatment you have had. It can range from intensive support to help with medication and personal care such as dressing and washing. Academy Care will exclusively tailor our services to provide you with the level of support that you need to recover at your own pace, in an environment where you feel comfortable and can be yourself. This means we can supplement local district nursing teams and community health teams that may already be helping you transition from hospital to home care. 
Our Wakefield team liaise with your hospital team, your GP and your local community health teams to understand the level of care and support that you will need. We will also discuss how to help you access any financial support you are entitled to. Together, we will then craft a bespoke home care package that fits your needs and provides you with continued care and support as you recuperate on your own terms. Our professional and understanding hospital to home teams will be there for you every step of the way as you regain your health, independence and confidence in the comfort of your home, surrounded by the people you love. 

How can we help? 

Returning home from a stay in hospital following an illness, injury or period of treatment can be challenging in any number of ways. The goal of our home from hospital care team is to make this transition to living at home as safe, comfortable and supported as possible, so that your recovery is a positive experience. Below are some of the ways our home care team can help you: 
Care Professional and Client
Care Professional and Client
Personal Care 
Care Professional and Client with Learning Disabilities
Specialised Support & Care 
Nurse, Client and Family Talking
Home From Hospital Care 
Two Hands Holding
Respite Care 

Assistance with medical care 

As you adjust to recovering at home, your home carer can liaise with your local GP and other medical care professionals involved in your treatment, so that they can assist you with medical treatments, follow-up hospital appointments, and keep track of daily medication and personal care routines associated with your recovery. Your carer will co-operate with any of your relatives or friends who are currently supporting you. 

Practical Home Help 

We understand that looking after your home and carrying out tasks such as cooking, moving items around, and keeping your environment tidy and clean may be challenging for you after returning from a hospital stay. Your home carer will assist you with everyday domestic tasks such as: 
• Grocery shopping 
• Cleaning 
• Routine maintenance 

Personal Care 

Our professional and compassionate home care teams will build a personal care plan that fits around your needs and improves your quality of life as you transition from your time in hospital. Your home carer will treat you with dignity, respect and kindness at all times, as well as coming alongside any family members who are involved in your care. 
We can help clients with any combination of the following: 
• Clothes and dressing 
• Washing and bathing 
• Meals and medication assistance 
• Toileting and incontinence care 
• Specialised care tailored around existing health conditions 

Financial Advice and Information 

As well as assisting you with the practicalities of coming home from hospital, we can provide you with information and advice on benefits and other financial help that you may be entitled to. We understand that anything that eases financial strain can be a big help during a difficult time. Our team can point you in the direction of agencies and charities that could help you. We can also get you connected with social activities and interest groups wherever you are in the Wakefield area. 
Have any questions? 
To make an enquiry about Academy’s home from hospital care service, give our dedicated and friendly team a call for a no-obligation chat. 
0800 0599 668 
We understand that choosing the right homecare provider for you or your loved one during the transition from hospital to home care can be challenging. Our experienced and dedicated local home care team are waiting to help. 
Alternatively, leave us a message using our form and a member of our Wakefield team will get back to you as soon as possible. 
Your information will not be used for any other purpose than to respond to your enquiry. 
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