Who We Work With 

Our care and support services extend beyond hands-on care and companionship. We work in partnership with a number of reputable and trusted partners to ensure that our approach to care delivery is built on a holistic module; this enables us to provide services that are tailored to each individual client’s unique wishes, preferences and requirements. 
What Makes Us Different? 
Our goal is to provide the best possible care that is just right for you. 
We are confident that our care module is considerably superior to that afforded by other providers. Our care is based on consistency and continuity; this means we find what is best for you in your individual circumstance and deliver in perpetuity. We take tremendous pride in all we do, and compassion is at the heart of our services. 
We invest heavily in our staff and their wellbeing - both in and outside of work. This ensures that all of our people are 100% available, both emotionally and physically to provide you with services that exceed all of your expectations. Our staff are encouraged to create and maintain close relationships with our clients. However, they also understand the need to be respectful and maintain professional boundaries at all times. 
Our care partners - who we work with to help provide exceptional care. 
Care Planner  
Care Support System  
What is Care Planner? CarePlanner is the system we operate to allow us plan and manage our staff rosters, client schedules, and communications. With CarePlanner, we have the ability to change care requirements in a responsive and timely manner.  
Care Support System 
What is Birdie? Birdie is the system that allows us to keep our clients' care as unique as they are. We utilise the full suite of clinically-valid assessments, such as personal care, nutrition, medication, moving and handling, waterflow, plus another 18 person-centred assessments.  
Staff System 
What is Perkbox? Perkbox is our way of saying "thank you" to our valued care workers. Perkbox is a system that allows us to care, connect and celebrate our team. Offering over 300 discounts to local or online stores, a oncall GP service, with mental and physical welfare facilities. We believe the heart of our company is powered by our care team, we have strived to show our appreciation, we have achieved this through Perkbox. 
Care Quality Commision 
Compliance Partner 
What is Care Quality Commission? The CQC is an executive non-departmental public body of the Department of Health and Social Care of the United Kingdom. Their purpose is to regulate the care activity of ourselves and all care organisations with the UK. We are audited by the CQC, you can see how we did at the bottom of this page. 
Red Rock Frontline 
Staff System 
What is Redrock Frontline? Redrock Frontline is our provider for eLearning, they offer us over 150 modules, which range between recruitment, homecare and healthcare, health, and safety. Redrock courses are all CPD registered, offering fundamental training standards to our workforce. 
Quality Compliance Systems 
Compliance Partner 
What is QCS? QCS is our compliancy and procedure provider. They provide us with over 8500 pieces of literature, which covers all aspects of our company, inside the office and for our staff working in the community. 
Lifetime Training 
Staff System 
What is Lifetime Training? Lifetime training is our companies diploma provider. With Lifetime onboard, we can offer Level two - eight diplomas in Adult Social Care and Business Admin. We have partnered with Lifetime for the past year, in that time we have had a staff force upskilled with 32% opting to complete a diploma. 
Compliance Partner 
What is the United Kingdom Health Care Association? The UKHCA is the UKs membership body for homecare providers, there prupose is to esure everyone can live well at home and flourish within their communities.  
Staff System 
What is Brightpay? Brightpay is our chosen software for completing our staffs payroll, we opted for them as a answer to reduce our carbon footprint, it provides payslips through a mobile application, while also having the functionality to provide budgeting and financial support to our teams. 
Staff System 
What is Citiation? Citation is our answer to having unrivalled HR and Health and Safety support. 
Talos 360 
Staff System 
What is Talos 360? Talos 360 is our answer to a streamlined process for recruitment, hiring and compliance. Talos 360 has improved our applicant engagement and helped boost morale through our recruitment process. 
Hollie Guard Application 
Staff System 
What is Hollie Guard Applicaion? Hollie Guard Application is an app for mobile phones that we offer to our care workers. As sole workers and community teams, we need to ensure our staff feel safe and protected. With Hollie Guard we can ensure they are covered and being watched over. 
Our Care Services 
Who We Work With 
Career Opportunities 
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