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International Carers 

Here at Academy care, we pride ourselves on our bespoke and catered services. As we look to extend our services to help more people, we are looking for international candidates to join our UK-based team. If you are based overseas and looking for a career in the care sector, we would be delighted to receive your application! 
We believe in our key values and always apply them to every job we do. We expect these standards from everyone who works with us. No matter where you are from, or what experience you have, you will be embraced and supported by the Academy Care team. 

What Can You Expect from The Job? 

Joining Academy Care on this wonderful opportunity brings many benefits. We want to ensure that this experience is as easy as it can be for you. That is why we offer unlimited support throughout your entire working career with us. 
We want you to embrace your daily lives in the UK. We provide all of our candidates with a car share scheme, accommodation and work so that you can fully immerse yourself in the experience. 
You will be doing a job that you love and care for, surrounded by other passionate and devoted people. We never want you to feel lonely or scared being so far away from home, so immediate family members are welcome to join you. Any dependent is able to accompany you to the UK; however, they must also apply for a visa. 
If you’re loving being in the UK, you will be able to apply for citizenship after 5 years. This gives you the right to live, work and study here. 
The Application Process 
Stage One 
Application form 
We have made our application process as stress-free and straightforward as possible. If you’re interested in working for Academy Care, you’ll have to submit one of our application forms. To complete the form: click here, and find the job you're interested in. 
Stage Four 
Visa application 
When your company paperwork is complete, the process is started for your visa application. We will check you have the right documents for British clearance from your home state and assign you a certificate of sponsorship. 
Stage Two 
When your application form has been reviewed our head of recruitment will reach out to arrange a Microsoft Teams interview. The interview will be recorded. All questions will be scenario based and related to the care industry.  
Stage Five 
Book Flights 
Your visa has been approved and issued to you via a local delivery company. We will assist you in the process of booking flights to Manchester Airport or Leeds Bradford Airport. We advise your flight is up to two weeks from visa approval. 
Stage Three 
Compliance standards 
Upon a successful interview, you will be assigned our mandatory eLearning and sent links to complete our companies compliance paperwork. These include professional references, internal documents and Home Office standards. 
Stage Six 
Induction Week  
When you first arrive with us, we implement a 10-day plan to get you all set up. On your first day we will ensure that you have everything you need. This includes a bank account, a UK phone number and appoint a local expert. 
Stage Seven 
Begin your placement 
Initially, you will be shadowing professionals to finesse your skills and gauge an understanding of the tasks you will be doing. Once you are comfortable, you will be given your own clients to get to know and work with 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) 

How Do I Find Accommodation? 
We will arrange accommodation for you when you arrive. Your first month is completely paid for by us. After a month, you are welcome to search for your own property. Our local experts will support you in the search for a new home. Equally you are welcome to stay at the accommodation we provide; after the first month, payment terms will be agreed. 
Is There Any Training? 
Yes full training will be provided. When you arrive in the UK, you will be expected to complete a selection of training courses. We accept people of all experiences so there is no need to worry about being left behind. We will ensure you develop all of the skills necessary to help prepare you for your placement. 
Is There Any Progression for Overseas Workers? 
Now that we are recruiting internationally, anyone around the world is able to apply for work with Academy Care. Once you arrive in the UK, you can continue to work for us as long as you want, and new opportunities are always arising. After 5 years, you can apply for UK citizenship. 
What Do I Need to Know About Driving? 
Academy Care operate a car share scheme whilst you are working with us. You must have a full clean driving license. Your overseas license will be accepted as long as you are confident driving in the UK. We will complete a car/ driving induction with you.  
What’s the Cost? 
We have helped out where we can, however due to recent changes we are going to review what Academy Care will pay for and what you, as the applicant will need to pay for.  
Does Academy Care Provide Anything? 
Here at Academy Care, we provide full support throughout your entire experience. Local experts will be available to meet with if you need any advice or help. Your first month with us will be completely funded for you. That means you will not need to pay for accommodation or bills, and you will be provided with reasonable living expenses. 
What Shift Patterns Are There? 
You will be expected to work 5 days a week, totalling 48 hours. Your typical shifts will run from 7 am to 10 pm. Academy Care require you to work alternating weekends. Your work pattern will be discussed with you during your induction week.  
What are the Requirements for the Home Office? 
To accept this opportunity, you must follow all rules set by the Home Office. This includes getting the correct visa and paying any fees that are required of you. There will be a list of expected documents, you will need to submit to the Home Office.  
What is the Culture like Working in Academy Care? 
Academy Care is led by our main principles: compassion, commitment to excellence and the dignity of the individual. Working for us means you are will be joining a community full of passionate and ambitious people. 
Is there a Settle in Period? 
You will come over to work for us on a twelve week probation period. Through this time you will receive plenty of support and guidance. As your probation comes to an end, you will be invited to a meeting with our management teams.  

Types of care you will work in 

Care Professional and Client
Care Professional and Client
Personal Care 
Care Professional and Client with learning disabilities
Specialized Support & Care 
Nurse, Client and Family talking
Home From Hospital Care 
Two hands holding
Respite Care 


Company liability  

Your first month here in the UK is completely funded by Academy Care. We will make sure that you have somewhere to live, and enough sufficient living expenses. However, you may face some charges when applying for your visa. 

Applicant liability  

The cost of getting your visa varies from country to country. On average, if you are coming to the UK for less than 3 years on a Health and Care Workers Visa, it will cost £247 rising to £479 after the 3 years have passed. 
A Skilled Workers Visa is slightly more expensive totalling £625 for 3 years, and £1235 for a stay of more than 3 years. 
No matter which visa you get, these fees must be paid alongside your application. You will not be able to work for Academy Care without receipt of these payments. 
Another fee that you may come across as you enter the UK is the NHS surcharge. This payment of £624 will allow you to access our NHS services during your time in the UK. If you are struggling to pay these fees, Academy Care can help. We will pay for your NHS surcharge and organise a repayment scheme for you to give back when you start earning. 
Here at Academy Care we never want you to worry about living in your new home. Constant support is available to you; whether you need legal advice or directions to local amenities, you can always contact our help team. 
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