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Academy Care Services around Yorkshire 

Our services are completely bespoke and driven by our individual client’s needs. They range from healthcare and support, through to help with housework, getting out and about, and simple companionship. 
Prior to engagement, our first step is to spend time getting to know you, to gain a thorough understanding of your care needs, lifestyle and requirements. We’ll then work together to agree a level of care that is just right for you. At this point we will match you to a suitable carer/s, whose experience and personality match your specific requirements and needs. Once a member of staff is set up and assigned to a client or group of clients, they will remain so until it is absolutely necessary to introduce someone else – whether for holiday cover or to provide further support. 
Our comprehensive range of personalised care services includes assistance with daily activities and a wide range of auxiliary services, including: 
Light to heavy housekeeping 
Meal preparation 
Help with shopping 
Support with mobility 
Escort to appointments 
Social support 
Home from Hospital Care 
Personal Care 
Support with Medication 
Reablement Care 
Nursing Care 
Specialist Nurse Cover and Replacement / Promoting Independence 
Personal Care 
Bathing / Hygiene 
Mobility Support / Transferring and Positioning 
Toileting and Incontinence Care 
Nutrition and Hydration Check 
Respite Care 
Short Term Relief for Primary Carers 
Respite Care 
Sitting Services 
Specialised Support & Care 
Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care 
End of Life Care at Home 
Care for Complex Conditions 
Brain Injury and Neurological Care 
Learning Disability Support 
Live-in Care 
1-2-1 Bespoke 24-hour Care in Your Own Home 
Reassurance of a Familiar Face Administering Your Care 
Shopping and Cooking 
Personal Care 
Flexible and Bespoke Services 
Our services are flexible and completely bespoke to your individual needs. Visits can range from a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour or more, at a frequency to meet your requirements and preferences. 
As part of our business engagement service, we will carry out a full assessment of your needs and identify with you the appropriate services and visit frequency. 
Generalised care services offered as standard include: 
Personal Care 
Medication Support 
Meal Preparation 
Assisting with Pet Care 
Pricing and Funding 
Arranging and paying for personal healthcare can be a complex matter. By fully understanding what type of care you require, we can help you to navigate the different funding options available – all whilst developing a fully bespoke care plan. At Academy Care, our trusted team can offer advice and support throughout the process. 
Our homecare services are funded either by you, a family member or your authorised representative. However, the cost of our services may be supplemented partly or fully by a Local Authority or by the Clinical Commissioning Group (this is part of the NHS.) 
Notable Support Packages 
Hospital Discharge and Reablement 
Should you require temporary care and support after being discharged from hospital, you may be eligible for up to 6 weeks free recovery support (called intermediate reablement) in your home. Hospital staff can assess your needs and eligibility before making all necessary arrangements prior to being discharged. 
Social Care 
If you need assistance with daily living or if you need to move into a care/residential home, 
your local authority may be able subsidise or fully cover the cost of care. 
Local authority funding is means tested; the 2019 threshold for savings and assets are: 
England and Northern Ireland: £23,250 
NHS Continuing Healthcare 
This care package is provided and fully funded by NHS England for people aged over 18 with significant primary health needs. NHS Continuing Healthcare is not means-tested and care can take place either at home or in a care/residential home. 
In order to receive this support package, a nurse or social worker will first need to check your eligibility. If you are deemed to be eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, a formal assessment will be undertaken by health and social care professionals. A document called a ‘Decision Support Tool’ will be used to complete the assessment. If the assessment determines that the criteria for receiving NHS Continuing Healthcare have been met, the Clinical Commissioning Group will be contacted with a recommendation. 
NHS Funded Nursing Care 
In the event that you are found to be ineligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, NHS Funded Nursing Care may be an appropriate alternative. This happens if the findings of your assessment were that you need to live in a nursing home with support from a Registered Nurse.  
In this case, payment is made by the NHS directly to the Nursing Home. 
Personal Health Budget (PHB) 
If you receive NHS Continuing Healthcare (in the case of a child, Continuing Care) or NHS Funded Nursing Care, you will be offered the option to receive your funding through a Personal Health Budget. This give you the choice and control of how the funds are spent on meeting your healthcare needs. 
The funds can be managed in three ways: 
1. Direct Payments 
Funds are transferred to you or your representative to buy and manage the care and support agreed in your care plan. 
2. Third Party PHB 
Funds are transferred to an independent organisation who then arrange and pay for the care as agreed by your care plan. 
3. National PHB 
Funds available for your assessed needs are managed jointly with you and your NHS team. The NHS team arranges the care and support as agreed in your care plan. No money changes hands. 
Personal Budget – This is funded by your local council for your social care and support needs. Eligibility is means tested. 
Our Fees 
We charge an hourly rate based on your comprehensive Care Plan. The Care Plan will be developed with you after completing your Care Assessment. 
Designed around your individual needs and care requirements, each Care Plan is completely bespoke. Fees depend on the hours of care required, the number of visits per day and whether you require Care Assistants, Support Workers or Nurses. 
Our fees are competitive and certainly an affordable alternative to Care/Residential Homes. We always provide complete transparency on all of our fees. 
Call our friendly team to arrange a no-obligation Care Assessment. 
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