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We pledge to you a administration team that: 

Is always open and available to you 
A team that will encourage and foster a positive and inclusive atmosphere 
Team members who will offer effective quality assurance and quality monitoring systems 
Offering transparent accounting and financial procedures 
Our current team of administrators and managers have between them 136 years experience working in the care industry - this experience varies from working in the community to providing clinical support and running successful domiciliary care branches.  
This means our team understand how to implement the best care for you and your family, with the ability to help you navigate all avenues of care from home visits, funding avenues and clinical support.  
Our administrators and managers will always carry photographic identification badges, in the event you have a meeting with us, this provides you with additional security and peace of mind.  

Yorkshire Team 

Joanne M 
Deputy Care Manager 
Joanne has worked all of her life in the care industry, spending the past 18 years in various roles across the care sector, having been involved in the care of individuals with learning disabilities, palliative care, community-based care and caring for the elderly. 
Joanne is committed and passionate about her role, she really enjoys caring for and assisting vulnerable people to continue with their daily lives and reach their own personal goals, no matter what disability or condition it is that impacts them. She doesn't believe that ill health should hold you back from achieving what you want. 
Joanne started her career by working weekends and evenings as a domiciliary carer for a few different companies, working to support her family and raise her three children. Joanne actually met Millan through her last employer, where she heard about his dream of opening his own care company in Wakefield, when he finally took the plunge and started Academy Care, Joanne decided to follow him and help him achieve that dream, being here since day one. 
Joanne started at Academy Care as a care worker, going out into the community and building great connections with our very first clients, being perfect representation for the new company and setting the very standards that Millan wanted from all of his employees. Joanne's ambition has always shone since the very first day she put on the uniform, and she has since risen through the company to become a highly valuable asset to our team and becoming one of the most senior members of the administration team. 
Her first role in the office was as care planner, being responsible for a fast-growing number of hours at our Wakefield site, ensuring that our highly skilled team and our wonderful clients were always perfectly placed together and that there is always consistency in their appointments, never missing a single client once. 
She then took on the role of Field Care Manager, this role involved managing our team of supervisors, carrying out spot checks to ensure that our staff were carrying out there duties correctly and implementing there training in accordance with the care plan and ensuring that our carers and clients are happy with what Academy Care are providing. 
Moving into 2023 and Joanne has been promoted to the role of Deputy Care Manager, now responsible for managing the Wakefield office. She works closely with Christine in the running of day-to-day operations, her role involves creating and updating personalised care plans, overseeing rotas, working with clients, families, friends, social workers, support workers and healthcare professionals to ensure each client gets the best care possible and that our service users care requirements are met. And one of her most important roles is being a friendly face that all of our care professionals can look to for help or advice, as and when they need it. 
Joanne is also a qualified moving and handling trainer, ensuring all of our new staff are trained before going out into the community and that our current staff are given refresher training in the subject. Under the supervision of Christine, Joanne is now the head of our training team, overseeing all training activities. 
Joanne is also enrolled on to a Level 4 Diploma as Lead Practitioner in Adult Care, which she is currently studying towards. This will help to further her skillset and knowledge within the care sector and support her in her new role as Deputy Care Manager. 
Joanne's favourite thing about working for Academy Care is the camaraderie within the office team and the fact that every day brings a new set of challenges allowing her to challenge herself and grow as a person. 
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Rahel W 
Branch Nurse 
Rahel moved to the UK in 1999 from her hometown of Wolfenbüttel, in Germany (also known as the home of Jägermeister!). Rahel began her career in the care industry in 2002, meeting and being trained by our very own Christine in the process. 
She began by working as a care worker within a care home setting, taking the opportunity to complete as much training as she could and build herself a strong and varied skillset to operate within the care sector. With great communication skills and a wonderful ability to provide client centred care, her next move into support work was a natural progression. Rahel worked within the community for many years as a support worker, working with clients from all walks of life, and providing care for a variety of conditions. 
In 2011 through until 2012, whilst continuing her work as a support worker, Rahel attended Doncaster College in order to work towards her Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications in Counselling, Rahel decided to complete this course in order to enhance her communication skills, with a focus on using it to better communicate with her clients and ask the most effective questions possible to better understand her client's needs. 
Rahel's true aspiration though was to eventually become a nurse after experiencing her daughter acquire a brain injury. Her journey towards becoming a qualified nurse began in 2014 where she attended an Access to HE course at Doncaster college. In 2015, Rahel secured a place at Sheffield Hallam University to complete her degree in nursing, where she went onto graduate in 2018, all the while, working in the care industry throughout her education and supporting her family. 
Since qualifying as a nurse, Rahel began by working for the NHS at Doncaster Infirmary predominantly working on surgical wards and gaining experience working in both A&E and ENT. As well as working for the NHS, Rahel has worked in a private hospital, where she gained the additional experiences of working as a scrub nurse. 
During the Covid-19 pandemic, Rahel received a call from Christine, Academy Care needed a Branch Nurse part time to help with the delivery of person-centred care in people's homes and Rahel was the perfect candidate, with an exemplary eye for detail, enthusiasm to teach, natural leadership and keen to get involved with all aspects of the care we offer. 
Rahel joined the team full time in February 2023 and is already establishing herself as an integral member of the management team and helping to further progress the company itself, beginning to implement new ideas, and bringing new training opportunities for our staff to increase the services we offer to clients. 
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Nicole M 
Care Planner 
Nicole was brought into the team in 2019, shortly after Millan opened the doors of Academy Care, the appointment aligned perfectly for both of them, Nicole was desperate to pursue a new challenge after growing tired of her café job and Millan wanted to appoint an office administrator into his newly formed team. During the interview, Millan quickly realised that this was type of person he wanted to be representing his company, someone with a genuine passion for care and helping people, and neither of them have looked back since. 
Nicole is one of the few people who have had the opportunity to watch the rise of Academy Care since the very beginning with a view from the inside, as the first member of the office team. From humble beginnings where the company was not achieving what Millan had set out to do, Nicole was one of the surviving members of the original team, and when a new team was brought on board to reinvigorate the company, doing so to incredible heights, they noticed huge potential in Nicole and her abilities to communicate with clients and carers alike, giving Nicole the opportunity to take on an entirely new role of Care Planner. 
Nicole jumped at the chance to further her career and work under the very well respected Christine, flourishing into the role with guidance and teaching along with her dedication and hard work. Nicole is now responsible for a sensational 2500 hours of care per week in our Wakefield Office, ensuring our highly skilled team and our clients are placed perfectly together, with consistent hours always maintained. 
Not satisfied with stopping there, Nicole decided that she wanted to further herself again in 2022, enrolling herself onto a Level Three Diploma in Business Administration, wanting to develop her skills for both her own personal growth and to contribute towards the growth of the company. 
What Nicole loves most about working for Academy Care is that there is never a boring day, she can come into work and know that a new challenge always awaits her and she can genuinely make a difference to people's lives through what she does. 
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Courtney M 
Care Planner 
COVID was an extraordinary event, the impact it had on the care sector was immeasurable and it was people like Courtney who were out in the community every single day, risking their health and dedicating their time to help the most vulnerable and at-risk people in our society. Starting a career in care during the height of the pandemic was no small feat, but Courtney took to it quickly, becoming an important member of the team and a client favourite. 
Some of Courtney’s favourite memories are working alongside her mum during the pandemic, spending hours out in the community, providing comfort and care, as well as a well-needed laugh to her clients during the darkest of days. She felt like she had found her calling and a job where she could truly make a difference. 
In 2022, Academy Care introduced the opportunity for our care professionals to undertake diplomas, helping to further their careers and provide our clients with the most qualified and professional team possible. Courtney was the first person to sign up, she wanted to expand her knowledge and provide herself with the best opportunity for progression. She dedicated hours of studying, alongside her work commitments and passed her Level 2 Adult Care Worker Diploma with flying colours, becoming the first person in the company to complete a diploma. She says that the course has massively impacted her skill set as a care professional and her confidence in her abilities. 
Fast forward to 2024, where Courtney has recently joined the administration team as the new Care Planner for Leeds. Academy Care has always strived to promote internally where possible, providing our Care Professionals with opportunities for progression and a path to more responsibility. When the position became available, Courtney immediately showed interest in the role and was deemed a perfect fit by Christine. The opportunity came at a perfect time for Courtney, who wanted a new challenge, but still wanted to work in the care industry and most importantly still work at Academy Care. 
What Courtney enjoys most about working for Academy Care is the opportunities for progression and the available support to further yourself, both as a person and as a Care Professional. 
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Tracy M 
Office Administrator 
Tracy has worked in the care sector for most of her working life, dedicating the past 22 years towards helping people with disabilities, long term illness, complex needs and end of life care, Tracy is most passionate about and now specialises in Palliative Care. 
She is passionate about what she does and loves that on a day-to-day basis she can come to work and make a difference to our clients and their family’s lives. Easing there day to day struggles and building a better quality of life for them, she doesn’t believe that ill health should limit or define a person. 
Tracy is a reliable and caring person, who is loved by the people she helps and a highly respected and valuable member of our administration team, who all of our staff can look up to and seek out when they need help with their work. 
Tracy joined Academy Care after hearing about the wonderful team that was being built and the excellent feedback that we were receiving from clients, after speaking with Christine she decided that this was exactly the place she wanted to work to achieve her own personal career ambitions, as they aligned perfectly with the companies. 
After starting off as a care professional, Tracy’s work ethic and valuable experience quickly shone through, and when the opportunity for a Field Care Supervisor came along, she jumped at the chance to gain more responsibility and add more skills and knowledge to her repertoire. 
In her role as Field Care Supervisor, Tracy was responsible for supervising all our care workers, ensuring that they are applying there training correctly and following everything set out in the care plan, she is also responsible for carrying out assessments, reviewing service delivery and overseeing the training and development of each member of staff. 
As of May 2023, Tracy took on her latest role with Academy Care, joining the administration team as the new Office Administrator, she still tries to get out in the community as often as possible though and you will often find her looking after clients and helping with shifts where needed. As Office Administrator, Tracy will often handle enquiries, divert phone calls to the right person, upload and file paperwork, do daily auditing and much more, she is a fantastic first point of contact for all staff, clients and anyone else wanting to get in touch with the administration or management team. 
Tracy is also a member of Academy Care’s training team, offering national two training in both End-of-Life Care and Dementia Awareness, training which is provided to all staff members during their career with us. 
When Tracy isn’t in the office or out in the community working, you can either catch her spending time with her two children or her three grandchildren. Either that or she will be in a bingo hall, out with friends or holidaying in her favourite destination Turkey. 
Tracy’s favourite thing about working for Academy Care is the people that she works with, from our office team, our community team to our service users, she loves the community that we have built. 
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Operational Teams 

Carleton H 
Recruitment Manager 
Before joining Academy Care, Carleton worked in the hospitality industry for around 5 years, working his way up from bar staff to management, successfully managing kitchens, bars, and pubs in the Leeds area for several years. During his time in the hospitality sector Carleton earned himself the ‘Albert’s Award’ a prestigious award in the hospitality sector recognising the career progression and high performance of their management staff. 
Unfortunately due to some health problems, being diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and Femoral Nerve Damage, his job became difficult to manage and he decided that he would look for a new challenge. At the same time, Christine was now on the search for a recruitment officer, as the expanding hours of care we were providing needed more Care Professionals to fulfil them. Carleton’s role in management meant he had plenty of experience in the hiring of new staff to work within his teams and after a recommendation from one of her team, Christine set up a meeting with Carleton to discuss the role and what he could bring to the table. 
That meeting was very positive from both sides, with Carleton being hired in June 2021 as Academy Cares first recruitment officer. And it paid off dividends, with Carleton facilitating the hire of 63 employees in his first year alone, in an industry notoriously difficult to source staff, especially off the back end of Covid where a lot of businesses really struggled to hire. These hires have allowed Academy Care to grow substantially, to the point where we now are responsible for an incredible 2500 hours of care per week at our Wakefield office. 
In September 2022 Carleton was successful in helping Academy Care achieve its sponsorship license, allowing us to bring talent from across the world to work for us. An initial 20 employees have already landed in the UK and are already trained and out working for us, and going into 2023 a further 30 have been hired with their landing dates set to be confirmed. With plenty more interviews taking place and recruitment still open, Carleton is very busy indeed, working extraordinary hours to bring in more and more staff to help with the rapid expansion of the business from home and abroad. 
What Carleton enjoys most about Academy Care is its investment in people and the growth that he can see not only in the business, but himself and the rest of the team. 
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Rachel E 
Compliance Manager 
Before joining the care sector, Rachel was working for a Conveyancing company between 2016 and 2021, completing house sales and remortgages on properties herself, alongside training new staff in system administration and sales and mortgages, in an industry where a high turnover rate is common. There’s a very good chance that if you have taken out a mortgage in recent years, Rachel was the one who trained them on how to actually do it. 
In 2021, Rachel decided that she wanted to pursue a new challenge altogether to further her skillset and her personal development, after speaking to a few of her friends who work in the care sector, Rachel saw this as a perfect match for her work ambitions. She initially started with Academy Care in August 2021, working weekends alongside her full-time job at the Conveyancing company and quickly found her feet, enjoying the work that she was doing, building strong relationships with clients, and helping vulnerable people enjoy the best quality of life possible. 
In October 2021 she decided to join Academy Care full time as a Care professional, gaining more experience, more knowledge and building great relationships across the whole community over the coming months. When the opportunity came along for a new Field Care Supervisor, Rachel jumped at the opportunity and with a strong background in training staff, working with people, and excelling in her current role, with great praise from staff and clients alike, Rachel was given the responsibility in early 2022. 
Rachel yet again hit the ground running in her new position, showing great leadership qualities, building positive working relationships between herself, the administration team, the community team, and clients. It also allowed Rachel to utilise and show off her skills in training and development of staff as her new role involved training new-to-care staff. 
In September 2022 Rachel took on her first role within the administration team, where she was in charge of the companies invoicing department, ensuring that all of the invoices in the company are being correctly sent and paid. With the expansion of the company in full swing, Rachel took on some additional responsibilities to help, this included helping with the transition of our international employees, helping with payroll, and managing our drivers to ensure all of our Care Professionals visit their clients on time. 
As of June 2023, Rachel started her latest role in the office, becoming our Senior Compliance Officer, becoming a first point of contact for our new and existing clients. As part of this role, she will carry out Risk Assessments with new clients, complete Telephone Monitoring Calls after 48hours to see how everything is going, make 3-month visits with clients to ensure everything is going well and the service is to the standard expected, complete 6 month reviews of the Risk Assessment and be a first point of contact for clients and family if they have any queries. 
Rachel has also achieved her train the trainer status in Medication Awareness, as a member of the core classroom training team she is responsible for ensuring all of our new staff are trained before working in the community and that our current staff are given refresher training in the subject. 
Wanting to further expand her knowledge and skillset within the care sector, Rachel has also enrolled onto a Level 4 Diploma as Lead Practitioner in Adult Care, which she is currently studying towards, hoping to finish in November this year. 
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Joshua A 
Digital Marketer 
After leaving school, Joshua was working in sales at the British Heart Foundation, raising funds for the charity whilst working towards qualifications in sales, sales strategy, warehousing and distribution. After moving from the South of England up to Lancashire, Joshua decided to attend college to pursue his personal passion in fitness and healthcare with a career goal of joining the public services. Completing these courses is where he was introduced to the care sector for the first time, volunteering his time with a care company as a support worker. After an unfortunate injury which ended his career goals at the time, he decided to take a leap of faith into the creative industries, which was just a hobby until this point. 
He began with a course at The Open University, earning a Level 4 qualification in both Design Innovation and Art and Design History, this is where he first came across a love of digital marketing, branding, copywriting, content creation and all things creative. Alongside this course, he was also caring for children with special needs and then went onto be working full time as a carer for his mother, who unfortunately suffers from spinal injuries. 
Joshua then decided to move to Hartlepool to study at The Northern School of Art, starting a degree in Model-Making and Visual Effects, this course furthered his passion for videography, photography, visual design, making physical and digital objects and much more. After meeting his girlfriend at university, they found out that they were expecting their first child together, with their son being born in November 2022. In order to look after his young family, Joshua left University after completing his first year of study and moved to Wakefield, where his girlfriend is from. 
After arriving in Wakefield, this is where he decided to pursue an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing, he didn’t want to compromise his education, but still wanted to be able to support his young family. He found an apprenticeship opportunity with Academy Care Ltd and put together an application for the role as it perfectly matched his ambitions. After meeting the team, Joshua instantly saw this as the place to build himself a career and gain valuable experience learning digital marketing techniques and applying them directly to his work. 
Joshua seemed a natural fit to work within the company, with experience in the care sector, a background in the creative industries and a keen interest on learning digital marketing techniques, he will be able to ensure that all digital marketing that is implemented will be accessible to our administration team, community team and our service users. 
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Claire F 
Care Team Assistant 
Claire recently joined our team as a Care Team Assistant on a part-time basis, transitioning from her previous roles in local schools and community centres as a liaison officer. With a strong background in administration and a genuine passion for supporting others, Claire has quickly become an integral part of our team. 
Claire's role involves assisting our care professionals with any work-related issues, including scheduling, holidays, payroll, care certificates, DBS checks, eLearning, and general administration. Her meticulous attention to detail and proactive approach ensure that our care team operates smoothly and efficiently. 
Claire's career began in the education sector, where she played a crucial role in fostering strong relationships between schools, families, and the community. Her ability to communicate effectively and her knack for organisation made her an invaluable asset in her previous roles. Now, Claire is applying these same skills to the care industry, where she is committed to making a positive impact on both our staff and clients. 
Claire's journey into the care industry began out of a desire to continue her work in a field that allows her to support and assist others. She is passionate about creating an environment where our care professionals feel supported and valued, which in turn helps them provide the best care possible to our clients. 
In her new role, Claire has quickly become known for her friendly demeanour and willingness to go the extra mile to help her colleagues. Her background in liaising between different parties has equipped her with the skills needed to handle the diverse challenges that come with coordinating a care team. Whether it's ensuring that all training is up-to-date or managing the intricacies of payroll, Claire approaches each task with a high level of professionalism and care. 
Outside of work, Claire enjoys spending time with her family and is an active member of her local community. She believes in the importance of maintaining a balanced life and often participates in community events and volunteer work. 
Claire is excited about her future with us and looks forward to growing within the care industry. Her enthusiasm for learning and personal development means that she is always looking for ways to improve her skills and contribute to the success of our team. With Claire on board, we are confident that our care professionals will have the support they need to thrive in their roles and continue providing exceptional care to our clients 
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Joseph A 
Company Advocate 
Joe joined Academy Care as a Care Professional in May 2023, he joined us through our international recruitment drive and has been awarded sponsorship as a skilled worker. Joe has joined us from Nigeria, where he was born and lived in the vast and wonderful city of Lagos. 
Joe was educated at The Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan, formerly known as School of Agriculture, where he studied Crop Production. He has also worked in various marketing roles for several companies, helping them to build their brand and an online presence. 
Joe found his place in the care sector after his mother-in-law unfortunately suffered from a stroke, this was a life changing experience for Joes family but also helped guide him towards a new career path. Joe discovered the principles of compassion, empathy, and patience and how naturally he fit the role of a Care Professional. 
Joe started off working as a Care Assistant and a Porter in a hospital, helping patients daily with all their needs and improving their quality of life, as well as learning all about what it is to be a care professional and the skillset required. He found that he had a natural ability to connect with people and a strong desire to help people. 
After a few years working in the care sector in Nigeria, Joe decided on a new challenge and took the opportunity to move to the UK. He was impressed by the level of care offered in the UK and saw it as an excellent learning opportunity, with a highly attentive approach to person centred care. Joe found Academy Care and felt this was the right place for him to grow both as a person and a Care Professional and felt that he could make a positive contribution to our team. 
Joe has thrived since joining us, enjoying support work, domiciliary care and even doing a bit of driving. He particularly enjoys support work as it allows him to connect with our service users, providing them with companionship and helping them to enjoy their life and reconnect with the community. One of Joes favourite things about his role is seeing growth, like when he was a student learning crop production, taking a seedling and helping it to grow and flourish, he feels the same with his clients, enjoying the process of helping someone to grow as a person and enjoy their life. 
Joes’ passion for helping people is what inspired him to take on his latest role of Company Advocate, he felt there was a gap in communication between the community and administration teams and he wanted to help bridge that gap by helping to push peoples voice and liaise with management. Joes’ intention is to help the company to achieve its goals and help our Care Professionals to live out their dreams. 
When Joe isn’t working you might catch him watching the basketball, with a love for the NBA or with his speakers at full blast playing his music, while he listens to a range of different artists and genres, he’s particularly fond of RnB and Hip Hop. He also loves to read, with a passion for business and learning about the strategies and motivations of some of the world’s leading businessmen and women. 
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Senior Management 

Millan S 
Managing Director 
Millan is the owner and managing director of Academy Care Ltd, Millan is a Cameroon national, who grew up with his family in London. He then went on to attend university in the city of Liverpool, where he studied a degree in Biochemistry. 
Millan has a varied background across business, creating a unique and expansive skillset which is incredibly useful for his position, also allowing him to provide great knowledge and insight to the team which he has put together. When Millan left university, he started out as a project manager for a government department, where he successfully planned, procured and executed several projects during his time with them. 
Millan then left his role as project manager in order to set up his own events company, successfully running several events under his leadership, this was Millan's first step into owning and managing his own company, teaching him many important lessons on what it is to be a business owner and developing his leadership skills. 
Unfortunately, the business didn't grow as he had anticipated and he decided to move on, taking on the role of an Immigration advisor, a job role which Millan truly understood the importance of, especially as someone from a migrant family. This role allowed him to assist asylum seekers with their applications, so that they could achieve their goal of a better life in our country. 
At the time it was Millan's dream to own and manage a nightclub, a dream that he managed to fulfil in 2010, operating a nightclub did become challenging though, with many contributing factors, but Millan never gave up, allowing the business to thrive as best as it could, until he decided it was best to move on from the industry altogether. 
After deciding that a change of direction was what he wanted, Millan decided to return to his roots, joining the care sector as a domiciliary care worker, just as he had done whilst he was at university. Millan did make his intentions clear straight away though, he had the vision of opening his own care company in Wakefield, vowing to improve the quality of care offered in the district. 
In 2019 Millan opened the doors to Academy Care Ltd, opening with just himself and two carers that he brought with him, Joe, our current Deputy Care Manager and David, who still works as one of our Professional Carers. Millan slowly built a list of clients and a team around him, but Academy Care had a rocky start, with CQC our regulatory body grading the service inadequate on the first two visits, although in the area of 'Care' we always sustained a good rating. 
In December 2020, Millan recognised a need for change and approached Christine, whom he had met whilst working for a previous care company, with her help, they have managed to turn the business around completely, the latest CQC review in October 2021 noting the significant improvements across the business, where it is now a leader for care in the Wakefield area, setting the standards higher than ever before. Academy Care now looks after an incredible 2500 hours of care per week at its Wakefield office and is looking to expand its operations into new locations across the UK. 
On a day-to-day basis Millan's main focus is with accounts, looking after much of the financial side to the business, he is also spearheading the expansion of the business, pushing our name into new locations across the UK, with the intention of building multiple offices with the same high standards as the Wakefield one. 
Millan's vision to start a care company that improves the quality of care in the Wakefield district, has now turned into a vision of a care company that will improve the quality of care across the UK. 
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Christine H 
Registered Manager 
Christine has worked in care for over 23 years, with Academy Care being the third care company that she has worked for during that time, beginning as a care worker and progressing onto management along the way, joining the company in early 2021 as an advisor to Millan, to help improve the CQC rating and lead an overhaul of the company in all areas. 
Before joining the care sector, Christine started her working life in Accounts, before taking a break to raise her growing family. When her eldest son started High School, she decided to go back into education herself, initially, to brush up on her English and Maths skills so that she could give him a hand with his schoolwork. Christine didn’t stop there though and moved onto to an Access course, which in turn led to her attending Huddersfield University to study Law and Accountancy. 
Christine met Millan whilst working for another care company, believing in his vision, she wrote a reference for CQC, which ultimately allowed him to start the company. Christine argues this makes her the longest serving member of staff in the company. In December 2020 Millan rang her out of the blue, after the business was not going in the direction that he had envisioned, and he wanted her help to make it a success. After several meetings Christine decided to take on the challenge joining in early 2021. 
Christine set to work immediately, building a fantastic team around her, who have gone on to provide unparalleled care in the community, raising the standards of care expected in the Wakefield area. With the Wakefield office now being responsible for 2500 hours of care per week. 
Christine holds a Level 5 NVQ in Management in Health and Social Care, is an active Dementia Champion and holds her train the trainer status in Moving and Handling, End of Life, Dignity in Care and Care Certificate training, with a particular passion for the Care Certificate Program, having successfully established the program within the company herself. Her real passion has always been mentoring people, watching people grow and develop in skill and confidence both as an individual and in their careers. 
As the Registered Manager of Academy Care and member of the Senior Management Team, it is Christine’s job to understand and oversee every aspect of the company, ensuring the smooth, consistent, and efficient day to day running of the business. So that we can continue to provide the excellent services that we are renowned for under her watch. 
When she’s not working, you can find Christine at the stables with Harry, her 17.2 Irish Draught, who she has show jumped and event affiliated. With a crotchet hook creating toys and blankets for people who’ve asked or with her wonderful family, which comprises of four sons, four grandkids, a husband and a very spoilt Patterdale ‘Princess Harley’ who visits us in the office all the time. 
Christine’s favourite thing about working for Academy Care is looking at the team that surrounds her, always feeling grateful for their support and knowing that we all have each other’s backs. 
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Kristian H 
Head of Operations 
Before joining Academy Care in January 2021, Kristian came from a sales background, he has always strived towards exceeding his targets, managing to break records, and always becoming a highly valued member of the team, for whichever company he has worked for. 
In 2018, Kristian joined the Care Sector for the first time, spending two years caring in the Wakefield area, with a particular focus on Brain Injury Support work. When Millan was looking for some help with I.T diagnostics, Christine recommended his name after being aware of his tech wizardry, after impressing him with his work, Millan offered him the position of I.T Officer. 
He quickly established himself within the company, developing the businesses I.T infrastructure, and providing a single point of contact for the I.T solutions which are used on a day-to-day basis to provide unparalleled care out in the community. Kristian has also been involved in the design and implementation of our staff rewards schemes, financial, HR, compliance, and training systems. 
His hard-working nature and provision of outstanding work led to an invitation to join our Senior Management team as the Operations and Business Development Manager. Kristian oversees all day-to-day operations of running the business, so that our administration and community teams can provide efficient, high-quality work with the very best resources available. Kristian oversees all the digital infrastructure including systems, website, social media and much more, much of which he has designed and implemented himself, he is also acquisition lead and oversees accounts, recruitment, payroll, and marketing. 
As well as his day-to-day duties, Kristian is also a member of our core training team, earning his train the trainer status in Health and Safety at Work, First Aid at Work, and our Induction training. Kristian is also our Data Protection Officer, ensuring that all data we have on employees and clients is kept in compliance with company policies and government guidelines. 
Kristian is also fantastic role model to our community and advocate for training and devlopment, with a large amount of training and several qualifications under his belt. With Mental Health First Aid, First Aid at Work, Train the trainer status in three of our classroom training programmes, Health and Safety at Work, with a specific focus on the care sector, DoLs training, safeguarding training and being the only person to have completed all 161 eLearning courses that we offer. 
As well as this, Kristian holds a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Adult Care, completing his apprenticeship for Leader in Adult Care Level 5 with a Distinction. To further his skillset and personal development more, Kristian has now enrolled onto a Level 7 Diploma in Human Resources. 
Outside of work, which is rare, due to an incredible work ethic and dedication to his role, Kristian is an enormous ice hockey fan, watching his team, The Sheffield steelers as often as he can, he is particularly proud of persuading most of the office to attend games, three of which are now season ticket holders. Kristian also enjoys a bit of gaming, 3D printing and spending time with his family, who he holds as the most important people in his life. 
Kristian’s favourite thing about working for Academy Care is the impact it’s had on the community, ever increasing the standards of care expected in the Wakefield area and the people that he gets to work with, day in day out. 
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