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Personalised Care and Support 

At Academy Care, we treat people as individuals. We appreciate that it is not a given that any two clients with a particular diagnosis will share similar life experiences as a result of their condition. Health conditions affect different people in different ways. We are committed to identifying these differences and tailor our services to suit not only your specific health condition, but also your individual health needs, life goals and preferences. 
We have extensive experience of caring for and supporting individuals of varied ages with complex and specialist needs. We provide intensive rehabilitation and physiological assistance for long term conditions, deteriorating health, acquired injuries, neurological conditions and end of life care. 
Our care and support can be nurse-led and we are able to provide a team of highly trained professionals. 
Nursing care for complex conditions 
Brain injury and neurological care 
End of life or palliative care 
Our approach to providing quality, specialist care can be characterised as us working in close unison with you and other authorised healthcare professionals who are involved in your care and support. This would include your community nursing teams and other appropriate outpatient services, including physiotherapy and occupational health. 
Personalised care and support for people living with Dementia 
Getting a diagnosis with any form of dementia can be extremely daunting. Coping with the disease can be equally stressful and distressing for everyone involved. Our dementia care services can support you or your loved one to live well with dementia, and in your own home. 
We can provide suitable companionship to enable you or your loved one to continue pursuing any interests, hobbies or activities that encourage wellbeing and an improved quality of life. The support we provide to people with dementia and their families is likewise tailored to their needs, with relationships being catered for. 
Our dementia care can be summarised as aiming to deliver the following: 
Maximise independence 
Promote health and wellbeing 
Encourage social interaction 
Build confidence and self-esteem 
Allow you to be cared for within your own home 
As part of our routine training, we equip our carers with safe and compassionate care principles, along with the following: 
Understanding dementia and its infliction 
Understanding of the different types and stages of dementia 
Strategies to encourage independence 
Ability to help cognition and social skills 
Positive communication skills 
End of Life / Palliative Care 
At Academy Care we are confident that our module of care is superior to that by other providers. Yours and your loved one’s needs and preferences are at the centre of everything we do and stand for. This isn’t just something we say; it is fully supported by what we do and how we do it. 
Coping with a terminal illness or a condition that has become progressive, can be a painful experience - especially during the final days of life. We can provide support by ensuring that you or your loved one have the medical, physical, psychological, social and spiritual support needed for the best quality of life possible. We absolutely understand that this all means different things to different people. We are happy to talk through all of our options if you would like further information. 
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Care Professional and Client
Personal Care 
Care Professional and Client with Learning Disabilities
Specialised Support & Care 
Nurse, Client and Family Talking
Home From Hospital Care 
Two Hands Holding
Respite Care 
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