Respite Care Service 

Our respite care support provides primary carers – often a family member or a friend, with short term temporary relief, giving them the chance to care for themselves. Many primary carers take pride in caring for a loved one. They are happy to provide the required support that enables their loved one to remain living and cared for within the comfort and familiarity of their own home. 
However, without support, providing care alone full time can be overwhelming - both emotionally and physically - amidst life’s other responsibilities. Using our respite support service ensures that you are better able to care for yourself and loved one. 
Our respite support service is individually tailored to relief primary carers, giving them the opportunity to get a much-deserved break. We will take the time to learn your routines, likes and dislikes, wishes, preferences and needs before planning a programme of care visits - from a couple of hours a week, to weeks at a time. 
Our respite care has numerous advantages, such as: 
Provides the primary carer with some much-deserved time off either to run errands, go shopping, take care of themselves or just to get some much-needed rest. 
Gives the individual being cared for a chance to chat with another friendly face. 
Provides complete peace of mind 
Can be scheduled as and when needed 
Helps manage the stress and toll on primary carers health 
Provides support for both the individual receiving care and their loved one 
Support for long term and complex conditions 
We provide respite care and support across a range of long term and complex health and medical conditions. This includes neurological, acquired brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. 
Regardless of your needs and requirements, our respite support service is completely bespoke; from daily visits - including multiple visits per day to live-in 24-hour care. 
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Respite Care 
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