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Home-grown Carers 

Here at Academy care, we pride ourselves on our bespoke and catered services. As we look to extend our services to help more people, we are looking for exceptional individuals to join our UK-based team. If you are based in Barnsley, Doncaster, Leeds or Wakefield and looking for a career in the care sector, we would be delighted to receive your application! 
We believe in our key values and always apply them to every job we do. We expect these standards from everyone who works with us. No matter where you are from, or what experience you have, you will be embraced and supported by the Academy Care team. 

New to care? 

If you are wanting a career within the care sector but haven't the experience, we offer the industry standard qualification called the Care Certificate. The mandatory training you complete (before you start), plus the on the job experience, all count towards your qualification. After twelve weeks, you'll be assigned to work with a member of our supervisory team who will assess you. 
Our care certificate is a recognized award and has a high success rate. It is our job to give you the skills you need and we do this by partnering you with senior care workers. 
All our training is paid, so you get to learn valuable skills while making industry leading money.  
The Application Process 
Stage One 
Application form 
We have made our application process as stress-free and straightforward as possible. If you’re interested in working for Academy Care, you’ll have to submit one of our application forms. To complete the form: click here, and find the job you're interested in. 
Stage Four 
Classroom training 
You will be given dates for our three mandatory classroom training courses. Moving and Handling, Medication Awareness and First Aid at Work. Our training is completed in-house and is accredited to National Level Two.  
Stage Two 
When your application form has been reviewed our head of recruitment will reach out to arrange a Microsoft Teams or face to face interview. You should expect at least two members of our team on the interview. All questions will be scenario based and related to the care industry.  
Stage Five 
With other members of our recruitment process, you will be invited to complete our four-hour induction course. This is a presentation by our admin team who will discuss the systems and ways we work.  
Stage Three 
Compliance standards 
Upon a successful interview, you will be assigned our mandatory eLearning and sent links to complete our companies compliance paperwork. These include professional references, internal documents and a enhanced DBS check. 
Stage Six 
Start Work 
With all of the recruitment admin complete, you will be assigned to work with a member of our senior care workers. If you are experienced they will complete a "back to basics" workbook with you. If you are new to care, you will start the Care Certificate qualification.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What shifts or rotas are available? 
We work from an availability form, what this means is that, we offer you work, based off what you tell us you can work. We have work available for live-in carers, domiciliary nursing and support works. 
Do you offer regular patterns of work? 
We do. We aim to offer work to all new starters that suit them. Our focus is to keep as small a group as possible visiting our services users. So if we find you fit in somewhere, we will aim to keep you there as often as we can. 
Do I need experience to join? 
Academy Care prides itself on our training systems. We provide training to applicants who are new to care and experienced carers. We have a syllabus for the Care Certificate and also offer diplomas (formally NVQs) to allow continued learning and progression to those interested. 
Do I need to drive? 
Not all our work requires you to be a driver, we also have a system in place to allow people who don't drive to work in our domiciliary care runs. We consider all applicants and our process allows the right candidate to work, with or without a driving licence. 
What pre-employment checks do you do? 
All applicants will be required to have returned a enhanced DBS and adult first check, two satisfactory references. Academy Care Ltd will pay your initial DBS cost. 
Is there any training that I need to complete before I start working? 
There are 17 eLearning modules (unless new to care, were you would need to complete a total of 18 modules), plus three mandatory classroom sessions - we work around your availability and will book this training in to suit you. 
How much do I pay for the training? 
It's completely free! 
How old do I need to be to work in care? 
We can offer employment to anybody 16 years old and above. Applicants aged 16 - 18 have different regulations that we must adhere too but full time work is still available. 
How often do I get paid? 
We offer weekly or monthly pay. You choose your preferred pay frequency during the interview stage. 
How much do I get paid? 
Pay can vary on the region you work for us, however our current rates are £10.20 to £12.50 per hour. Our standards rates are: £10.20 Monday to Friday, £11.00 Saturday and Sunday, £12.00 for Bank Holidays, between £12.50 and £25.00 for overtime. 
When can I start work? 
You can start work when you are fully compliant, this means all eLearning and classroom training has been completed, two mandatory references, DBS has come back and all paperwork has been signed.. 
How much do I get paid for training? 
We offer a £120 bonus if you complete initial training, this is paid once you have completed a set amount of hours. When you are working for Academy Care Ltd, any eLearning modules you complete is paid, all classroom training is paid at £9.50. 
What benefits do I get for working with Academy Care Ltd? 
Academy Care Ltd firmly believes in giving our staff the best we can offer, for the work they do. We proudly offer fully paid diplomas, a comprehensive employee discount scheme, an on-call GP service, paid for psychologist appointments, mental and physical well being studios. The list continues, you are best getting in touch! 
What time does work start and finish? 
We start runs at 07:00 and typically they end around 22:00, but we work around your availability and what you can work. Support work completely depends on the services users. 

Types of care we have available for you 

Care Professional and Client
Care Professional and Client
Personal Care 
Care Professional and Client with learning disabilities
Specialized Support & Care 
Nurse, Client and Family Talking
Home From Hospital Care 
Two hands holding
Respite Care 
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